Assistant Professor of Economics at ITAM. Ph.D. in Economics (Penn State).

Curriculum Vitae (May 2023)

Working Papers

Rational Inattention and Endogenous Volatility: A Large Deviation Approach (with Takashi Ui) [30-min Slides]

Recursive Rational Inattention Is Entropic (to be joint work with Henrique De Oliveira) [Slides]

Rational Inattention in Games [JMP version, JMP slides]

Bargaining and Information Acquisition (with Kalyan Chatterjee and Miaomiao Dong)

Communication, Censorship, and Coordination

Enforcement against Organized Crime Increases Organized Fraud (with Takuma Kamada)


Multi-Agent Persuasion: Leveraging Strategic Uncertainty

Third-Party Policing Approaches against Organized Crime (with Takuma Kamada)

Repeated Coordination with Private Learning (with Pathikrit Basu, Kalyan Chatterjee, and Omer Tamuz) [Slides]

Short Notes

A Note on the Derivative of a Spectral Norm


E-mail: tetsuya.hoshino [at]

Office: Av. Camino Santa Teresa #930, Col. Héroes de Padierna, Del. Magdalena Contreras, C.P. 10700 México, D.F.